Educational Networking:
Towards the Twenty First Century Classroom


What is Edmodo? A Basic Overview

"A private social platform for teachers and students to share ideas, files, events and assignments." 
Education 2.0 - Edmodo - Free Private Social Platform For Education

Edmodo allows teachers new possibilities for interaction with their students.  With an interface that echoes the familiar design of facebook, edmodo is a 'microblog' that educators will fall in love with.

Private Groups with Access Code
Teachers have the ability to create groups as they like.  Each group is assigned a code that the teacher is able to change at any point.  In order for students to join the group they must enter the code which they have been given.  This feature lets the teacher control who can access the content available for each group.

Unlimited Number of Groups
For class, clubs, teams and any other group that could benefit from this service!  The possibilities here are endless! 

Student Information
As the creator of the group, teachers are able to remove members, change their password and record their grades!  (See "Assignment" feature for more on grading assignments from within edmodo.)  Only the teacher can access this information. 

Send one to either an entire group or to just one member.  Students can send private notes to their teacher or to the entire group, they cannot send private notes to each other. 

Share content from the web as you uncover it yourself.  Or, post a collection of sites for an assignment or relating to a specific lesson from class.  Unfortunately, you can only post one link at a time, which can make sharing lists a bit time consuming, but they are still very accessible.  Teachers and students can share links.

The upload feature on edmodo is quick and easy to use.

Notes with a special priority, students can choose to be notified in a number of ways when their teacher posts an alert.  Email, text message, even a 'twitter' tweet can keep them posted on the latest from class.

When posting an assignment you just have to fill in the blanks: Title, Description, Due Date and File (optional).  Students then have the option to 'turn in' their assignment via edmodo by either typing a response or uploading a file.  And, it gets better: you can grade and comment on their assignment right in edmodo!  This feature gives students real time access to assignments and their grades - beneficial for both formative and summative evaluation.   Students are not able to post assignments.

Post questions with multiple options for answers and watch the results add up before your eyes.  Edmodo brilliantly displays results real-time in an easy-to-read bar graph format.  It also displays the total number of voters to make sure that results are read correctly.  Teachers and students are able to post poll questions.