Educational Networking:
Towards the Twenty First Century Classroom


Course Content: Equal Opportunity for All

I have used edmodo primarily for communication, but I found early in the semester that I was doing a large amount of extra work just trying to make sure that students who were late or absent had the notes from class.  Edmodo makes students individually accountable for accessing materials that they may have missed from class. 

Posting Course Content Online: Pros

-Students have no reason for not having the notes from class
-Absent students can access what they miss on their own - which means less work for teachers
-Content can be posted prior to the lesson for students who like to print the notes before class
-Teachers can share content in department groups

Posting Course Content Online: Cons

-Students can miss the notes and still get them online, some will use this as an excuse to sit in class and do nothing
-Some students may forget about the content they have missed until the exam, and then they will have numerous sets of notes to print
-Some students will not access the notes, so if they were not available in class they will never get them
-Assignments posted online may be turned in long after the due date since they are still visible on the course 'wall'
-Not all of the students will always have access to the internet, accommodations will have to be made for those individuals