Educational Networking:
Towards the Twenty First Century Classroom


Student Poll: The Results Are In!!!!

The following data was collected over a two week period towards the end of the semester.  A total of 111 students in 4 different classes were surveyed using the poll function on edmodo.  I was interested in the students opinion of the service because a lot of teacher's had expressed interest in actually knowing: "Why would I use social networking in my classroom?" 

Have you found edmodo helpful this semester?

The majority of students did find edmodo helpful during the semester, but a lot of their responses were wishy-washy with some students saying that yes it was helpful, but it was not the key to their success.

What have you primarily used edmodo for this semester?

I initially found these results surprising, I had expected course content to be the primary use of the site.  However, in the other classes where students were polled the teacher was using edmodo primarily for assignments.  In sum, the main thing that the students used edmodo for was the same thing that their teachers used edmodo for. 

Has edmodo helped you to be more successful in the course?

Six percent said no??!!  Thirty-seven percent said not really??!!  I am shocked.  However, after talking with students I found that many of them admitted to not using the resource to it's full potential...  They knew that they could submit assignments, ask questions and get the notes from edmodo, but did not bother to log on.  Again, the largest drawback of edmodo seems to be getting students to actually use the service outside of class time.