Educational Networking:
Towards the Twenty First Century Classroom


Current Events: Why Go Digital?

Current Events analyses is a vital part of social studies, and can be incorporated into other subject areas as well.  The online information highway gives students an infinite amount of choice when it comes to accessing current events articles. 

I used edmodo's 'Assignment' feature to structure my current events assignments.  Students had access to the assignment outline, assessment checklist and a very comprhensive list of approved links.  I found that these resources helped students to be more successful in choosing articles and meeting assignment requirements.
The assignment feature also allowed me to grade and return assignments to students in real time, without having to print anything off, go green!

One issue I did encounter was that some students were not able to access the internet from home, nor did they have any time to access it at school.  In these cases, I allowed students to complete the assignment the old fashioned way - article from the newspaper.  It was nice to have such an easy alternative for students!!