Educational Networking:
Towards the Twenty First Century Classroom


Educational Networking?

Social networking has revolutionized the way that we interact with those around us.  Educational networking is here to revolutionize our classrooms.  Rather than networking focused on sharing personal photos and the latest scoop, educational networks provides teachers with a new way to motivate their students - in their own language.
During the fall semester of 2009, a new webservice called "Edmodo" was the focus of 2 high school social studies classrooms, as well as various other classes and clubs in an urban high school.  This site is the culmination of a four month professional development project that grew from this use of edmodo. 

I wondered, how networking, like on facebook, might benefit my students and improve my classroom.  However, facebook is blocked on most school servers and does not provide the security needed for classroom application.  I had experimented with blogger's potentials for the classroom, but was not completely satisfied with the results.  These sites were not tailored to education, and left me wanting more.  

Enter:!!!  A social networking site designed for educators, by educators.  This service allows teachers to create and completely control private groups for their students.  I decided to use edmodo with both of my social studies classes, and discover the real potentialities of using the web as a communicative tool. 

A Beginning Teacher: About the Author

I believe that education is about passion.  Passion for learning, passion for self growth and development, and passion for others.  This website is a testament to my passion for being an adventurous teacher and always trying new things to engage students.  We are in the middle of an educational revolution, technology is at the heart of that revolution! 

I am a beginning teacher in Alberta, Canada.  I have taught grade 3, 7/8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 - both social studies and english.  This website is the culmination of my time as an intern teacher, and I hope it will be the beginning of my educational legacy.  Enjoy! 

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